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Morri Koester, also known as MK, is a self-published, freelance comic artist graduated from George Mason University with a BA (2012) and MS (2014) in Conflict Analysis and Resolution. Originally from Virginia, they have been an expat for the last three years and is currently in South Korea. They thrive on coffee, webcomics, and cute rabbit photos as sustenance. They are also borderline obsessed with marine biology.

MK uses they/she pronouns.

Why Comics?

The universe works in mysterious ways. Since they were small, MK always loved and was fascinated by comics just as they loved learning about people. They went into Conflict Analysis and Resolution (CAR) field thinking it would be a fairly straightforward profession, but their desire to push the envelope with what CAR could do for people kept evolving.

It lead them to the realization that people were made of stories, and what better way to educate and reach out to others than with a medium that is loved by every age group? Comics are as humorous as they are heartbreaking. They are as political as they are lighthearted. Comics bring so many different kinds of people together to share something so deeply cherished.

So MK decided to turn around what seemed to be a dead-end situation to a profession: they would use their degree to tell stories. They would utilize a very academically focused field into something anyone could read and enjoy.

In short, they would make comics to confront the realities of the world, and add a little bit of beauty when and where they can.